In retrospect I probably should have also added the Handmaid to these, but I’m done now!


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    bf - Snowman lover - Cans (I don’t know what to think about this. At least it’s not Biscuits or English?) rival - Doc...
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    Best friend: Die Sawbuck Spade Slick Works for: Trace Fin Gets killed by: Quarters
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    best friend: crowbar machstiks lord english works for: clubs sawrbuks get killed by: ichey
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    Best friend: Stitch. Fin. Snowman. Work for: Matchsticks. Hearts Boxcars. Killed by: Matchsticks.
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    Best Friend: Matchsticks (AKA my parton felt XD) Clover (OMFG X3) Diamond Droog Works for: Doze Cans Gets Killed By: Fin
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    first try= Best Friend: DD (yay!) , Lover: Stitch (oh, okay *shrugs*), Rival: DOC SCRATCH ( o___o; ), Works for: Crowbar...
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    I’m laughing really hard over mine best friend: Clover - I can see that. Stitch - Alright. Itchy - About right… Works...
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    I did this a long time ago but now I am finally sharing it =3= You can tell a story from this ya know. Matchsticks was...
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    Best friend: Trace Crowbar Fin Works for: Clubs Deuce Clover Gets killed by: SnOwman No comment.
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    Best friend: Die (yes i approve) Sawbuck (oh) Hearts Boxcars Works for: Biscuits Doze Gets killed by: Snowman ok
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    Bff: DD
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    Best Friend: Trace Doc Scratch Quarters Works for: Doze Kill: Boxcars And I’m killed by Biscuits