Superhero AU stuff. It all started with “What if the war never happened, Simon’s transformation was discovered and he was sent to a government research facility to be studied?” We ended up deciding that little Marceline would end up there too, and the two of them would escape and go on the run for a few years. Then, after a very public display of powers and heroism, they become very popular in the public eye, and the agency Otherworldly Oversight and Observation (or OOO) sends Agent Bonnibel Gümme to contact the two of them and make a deal. Here, have a ficlet!:


"You’ve read the reports of the last time "your people" tried to "contain us", Ms Gümme?" A wave of suddenly very cold hair hit Bonnibel’s face as the man’s hand suddenly crackled with blue energy.

"I did. Seven with hypothermia, two with frostbite. One of them recovered, the other lost a foot. One dead… from what looked like an animal attack, according to the autopsy." She shot a pointed look at the demon girl the man was standing in front of.

The girl stuck her tongue out from her position behind her friend. “That’s what he gets for trying to shoot me.”

"Let me ask you something, Ms Gümme-" the blue energy flared up stronger as he brought his hand closer to Bonnibel’s face, a clear threat. "-You said you’re made of something similar to chewing gum, right? Do you know what people use to remove persistent gum stuck on clothing or hair?" he hissed, drawing closer.

Bonnibel stayed where she was, although some small part of her was yelling WHY ARE YOU NOT RUNNING?. "I do. But I don’t think someone who would publicly expose their abilities just to save a family from death would kill an unarmed woman, Simon, even if they are made of candy."

The energy radiating from the threatening hand suddenly winked out, and the man - Simon, rather - raised a rather bushy eyebrow. “Huh. Been a while since anyone except Marceline has called me that.”

Bonnibel smiled for the first time, just a little. “It’s been a while since anyone’s called me “Ms Gümme”, either. After the accident, most of the agency’s taken to calling me Agent Bubblegum. But more to the point, Simon: I’ve no interest in keeping either of you as an unwilling test subject, and after becoming a very public hero, the people I work for couldn’t get away with doing so either. That said - if our current data is still accurate, you’ve been dealing with troubling visions and whispers for going on six years now-“

Simon flashed a pained, toothy grin. “I… yeah, that’s still pretty accurate.”

"Well, that’s my point - that sort of thing on a constant basis has likely had an unimaginable toll on your psyche. So my proposition is this: come in with me. we’ll give you a look over, make sure you stay as mentally sound as possible, give you both a place to live, and in return, you help us with… other supernatural threats. Like the one you took care of the other day."

Simon glanced back to the demon girl behind him. “What do you think, Marcy?”

"I dunno. I don’t wanna go to anywhere like that, but…" Marceline bit her lip. "…She said she could help you with the voices, right?"

"Not me, specifically. But I have someone in mind." Bonnibel had done some background checking, and it had turned out that one of her best doctors, a Dr. Betty Eirwyn, had previously shared a flat with Simon briefly before his initial capture. Hopefully an old friend’s presence would set him at ease…



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